Our family tree

This family story starts with my great grandparents, Hermine and Joseph Bloch.

They had four children: Else, Rosa, Kurt and Fedor. Else was my grandmother. Her son, Werner, was my father.

I don’t yet have an interactive family tree for this page, so please click through the names below for more information about Hermine and Joseph, and about their four children and their descendants, to the present day.

Hermine Bloch

Joseph Bloch

Rosel Bloch, geb. Cohn

Adolph Bloch

Elsbet Bloch

Leopold Weissenberg

Rosa Bloch

Jakob Gruschka

Fedor Bloch

Frau Fedor Bloch

Kurt Bloch

Frieda Bloch

Werner Weissenberg

Sybil Barnes


Margot Gruschka

Heinz Kornfeld


Betty Bloch


Ruth Bloch

Ilse Bloch






Rehalein Kornfeld