Breslau – and the Villa Kuschnitzki, Gleiwitz / Gliwice

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The University of Breslau, 2016. Source: Clare Weissenberg, Photograph, 2016

Villa Kuschnitzki, Gliwice – a call for help!

I have had another family researcher get in touch to ask whether anyone has any information at all about the Villa Kuschnitzki, or about the Kuschnitzki family more generally. The house and family were in Gliwice at one time.

If you have any information we’d be very pleased to hear from you.

Else lived at 10, Wernickestrasse (now Królowej Bony), Gleiwitz (Gliwice) when these letters were written. Source: Clare Weissenberg, Photograph, 2016

We assume the villa was somewhere near where the family was living (see photograph above) when the letter was written, because there is one other mention of a ‘villa’ in Else’s letters, which suggests it must have been very near Królowej Bony / Wernickestrasse.

Letter: 13th March, 1940

We had an extra special benefit since the beginning of January – a pipe in the yard; we have to fetch water from the villa – most of the time our lodger fetches it, which is most kind of him, as Father can’t carry anything so heavy.

It might also have been near the railway station, given the direct mention of the Villa Kuschnitzki, extracted below.

Letter: Gleiwitz, 28th February 1939; 10.30 in the evening

At 1.26 o’clock we received a phone call from the Villa Kuschnitzki that Aunt Frieda was passing by, and Father was to go to the station. Of course I accompanied him and aunt has already left for the station with father to travel to Beuthen from where she had come, to carry out some business.

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