Zobten / Ślęża

Source: Schlesien: Unvergessene Heimat (Wassermann, 2013)

There is a photograph in Werner’s pre-war collection, dated July 1931, which has the name Zobten on the back.

Happier times - 26 July 1931
Happier times – 26 July 1931
26 7 1931 reverse
Back of photograph: Zobten, 26/7/31

Zobten, now Ślęża, is a mountain – the peak of which stands at 718 metres. The range starts about 35km southwest of Breslau, so it could have been a day out from university for Werner and his friends in the picture – or a walking weekend. In all, the range extends about 6 km by 10km; the main tree cover is beech, elm and maple, as well as spruce and rowan in the higher areas. The whole region is protected as a conservation zone, including extensive nature reserves.

The Zobten mountain range remains a popular walking area, as it was in the 1930s when this photograph was taken.

Werner is seated, second row down on the left, next to a young woman wearing one of the university caps. Given the date, this was taken during Werner’s first year at Breslau. Are these university ‘colours’  caps, or Kartell caps? There is a picture below of Werner’s colours band, which you can see across the bodies of the young men in the photograph.

It would seem that Werner’s band was previously owned by Gerd Steinitz, although we have been unable to read what the other notations are. If you can work it out, please do use the ‘Contact’ button to let me know.

Breslau colours, 1930s
Breslau colours, 1930s


Breslau colours - 1930s
Gerd Steinitz / Werner Weissenberg University of Breslau, colours





Zobten / Ślęża - May 2016
Zobten / Ślęża – May 2016

We visited Zobten in May 2016 and climbed the mountain in memory of my father, Werner – leaving a small stone atop a large rock at the summit, overlooking the beautiful view.

A stone at the top - in memory of my dad and happier days
A stone at the top – in memory of my dad and happier days