Walter Bernstein

Walter Bernstein, Studienassessor, was born on the 30th of January 1905.

Dr Walter Bernstein and his wife Eva were the house parents for the Dr Leonore Goldschmidt Schule in Kronbergerstrasse 24, Berlin.

Walter had completed his teaching qualifications in Breslau, in 1932; then, with the help of his wife, he looked after the boys’ boarding house, while also teaching Mathematics, Physics and Gymnastics.

Bundesarchiv: Memorial Book

Bernstein, Walter Sigismund Julius

Born on 30th January 1905 in Wreschen (poln. Wrzesnia) / – / Posen
resident of Groß Breesen and Neuendorf i. Sande

Deportation destination: from Berlin, 19th April 1943, to Auschwitz, extermination camp

Date/Place of Death: 3rd December 1943, Auschwitz, extermination camp

Walter’s wife, Eva

Bernstein, Eva Ruth, geb. Aronsohn

Born on 23rd November 1906 in Glowno / Posen – Ost / Posen
Resident of Groß Breesen

Deportation destination: from Berlin, 19th April 1943, Auschwitz, extermination camp