Updating the Breslau pages

I have finally been able to make some time available today to continue my research into the university of Breslau staff who taught my father, Werner Weissenberg, while he was a student in the city.

Examination certificate, University of Breslau, 16th February 1935, page two

So, my apologies if this makes the site run more slowly than usual. I know the site can be slow to load in any case because of all the images, and we hope to move it to a better/faster hosting platform in due course. For the time being, however, please bear with me – I’m still on a learning curve with the technical side of this project!

The University of Breslau, 2016

I think I have about a third of the staff pages still to complete and I will then be moving onto other parts of our family story.

University of Breslau ‘colours’ – Werner Weissenberg