Selma Wienskowitz

I can’t be sure that I have found the right person here, but there were just over 600 Jews in Gleiwitz at the time the deportations got underway in 1942, and I have searched the databases for women with this surname living in Gleiwitz at this time, and this is the only name that comes up.

Selma Wienskowitz, geb. Karliner was born in Stolbarzowitz on 8th March, 1879; her last known address was Bahnhofstrasse 25, Gleiwitz.

She seems to have been living with Oskar Wienskowitz, born 24th April, 1858. He is listed as ‘presumed to have died in Auschwitz’. Also at this address is Fanny Wienskowitz, who is on the deportation lists but not in the ITS, so I haven’t been able to find any further information about her.

Selma is listed as verschollen – which in this context translates as missing and presumed dead – since February 1943: sent from Gleiwitz to Auschwitz.