Leopold Weissenberg mentions ‘Rosenthal’ in a letter to his son Werner, as someone whom he knows at Kitchener refugee camp in Kent.

I checked the National Archives records and found quite a number of Rosenthals at Kitchener. On checking the Enemy Aliens records, one was born in Ratibor, which was the closest geographically to our family, so this might be the right person, but I can’t be sure.

Albert Rosenthal, born 19 August 1902, Underground worker and gardener.

According to his Enemy Alien record, Kurt was born in Ratibor, and his normal occupation was ‘shopkeeper’. In Kitchener he carried out ‘agricultural work. His Kent police registration number was 711486 and his Tribunal took place on 11 October 1939.

Kurt was deported for internment in Australia on the Dunera in summer 1940. He was released and left for the USA on 29 September 1941.