Research assistance

By the time I started work on this project not long after my mother’s death, I was used to learning about the holocaust on my own, usually in secret.

The family habit was to keep silent about our history, and I assume this was an attempt to shield my father from his appalling memories, and a sense of loss that most of us – thankfully – can’t begin to imagine.

However, I wasn’t many weeks into the work for this website when I began to unravel a thread that led quickly to the most extraordinary outpouring of gracious and generous help from all over the world – but perhaps especially from Silesia – or Śląsk, as it is called today.

It was as unexpected as it has been uplifting. I can’t express the extent to which this warm generosity of spirit – from people who did not know us, and who all have busy lives of their own – has helped me come to terms with so much that has been so painful for so long.

The most important of these must be my dear Małgosia, without whom this project would have got nowhere near what it is today. But it has also been helped immensely by many others, and I want to acknowledge what others have done for us, as well as to acknowledge their areas of research and work for others, where appropriate.

Please follow the links in the menu to read about some of the people who have given their time so generously to this research.