Photographs of Werner in the 1970s and 1980s

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Photograph: Werner and family, at home in Lindley, Huddersfield, early 1970s

Family in Huddersfield, early 1970s
From the left: Werner, Sybil, sister-in-law Margot, brother-in-law Russell, their daughters Karen and Alison, his mother-in-law Frances and daughter Clare in front

Photograph: Sybil, Werner and Clare on holiday, Netherlands, 1970s

1970s Werner Sybil Clare

Photograph: Werner and Sybil, 1980s

1980s Sybil and Werner
Getting the giggles – Sybil and Werner at home in Lindley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, 1980s

Photograph: Werner in the sitting room at home, 1980s

Werner at Le Marchant, sitting room
Werner at in the sitting room at Le Marchant, Yorkshire

Photograph: Werner’s favourite chair, 1980s

Werner favourite chair Huddersfield
I mostly remember my dad in this, his favourite chair. He used to bounce me on his knee when I was little, in time to his whistling of the William Tell Overture

Photograph: The Guardian crossword, daily, 1980s

Werner Le Marchant dining room
The Guardian was one of the few British newspapers to support Jews being allowed refuge in the UK before and during the war. I think my dad read it every day of his life, and its sister paper, The Observer, on Sundays.

Photograph: Werner accompanying his daughter Clare at her wedding, 1987

werner and clare 1987

Photograph: Werner with his granddaughters on Anna’s second birthday – he died the following year.


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