Werner Weissenberg – ITS records

The following record cards and documents on Werner Weissenberg were found in the ITS database; we consulted the version held at the Wiener Library, London

Search forms

There is the standard yellow document on my father in the ITS, shown here:

Werner Weissenberg, ITS search form
ITS search form, page one
Werner Weissenberg, ITS search form, page two
ITS search form, page two

The second page of this suggests that there ought to be more documents to be found with reference to Dachau, but so far nothing has turned up in searches. Many documents were destroyed, so it is possible that this is all that remains.

The Red Cross

The next document is a Red Cross letter:

Werner Weissenberg, Red Cross, ITS records
Red Cross letter, page one
Werner Weissenberg, Red Cross, ITS
Red Cross letter, page two

Frankfurt am Main

Finally here, there is a one-page document as follows:

Werner Weissenberg, ITS
Frankfurt am Main, registration document

International Tracing Service record cards

In this section, I have uploaded the ITS reference cards from which the above documents have been sourced.

The first card, below, refers to the registration document, shown above. It confirms Werner’s name, date and place of birth, last residence as Frankfurt am Main, nationality, and gives reference numbers from which to locate documents. The ordner is the file section number (2029), the fiche nr. is the microfiche number (20126) and the seites is the (page) number (77).

Werner Weissenberg, ITS record card

According to the ITS glossary, Formblattlisten are: form page lists (i.e., a type of postwar archival survey form recording the names and other personal data of individuals documented during the War in a variety of contexts such as employment, residence, marriage, death, etc., in local and regional archives; in an ITS archival reference context, the term Formblattlisten is used as part of a type/location designation; e.g., Formblattlisten SK Freising‖ [in full: ―Formblattlisten Stadtkreis Freising‖] refers to the Form Lists section of the ITS Archive for the area of the city of Freising‖. Note: The actual records described in Formblattlisten are not usually held by the ITS Archives, but are instead available directly from the local archives as indicated.

The second card confirms that we are looking at the right person, and again points to a document held on the database.

Werner Weissenberg, ITS

According to the ITS glossary, the code at the bottom can be interpreted as follows: when seen at lower right of a ―Suchst. 33‖ [i.e. ‖Suchstelle 33‖ or ―Frankfurt Search Station‖] style card in the Central Names Index, this indicates that a deportation list of Jews from Frankfurt exists in the Gestapo Transport Lists collection. Note: Please see ―Suchstelle Codes‖ appendix near the end of this Glossary for a fuller description of these materials. See also entries for: “Suchst.” and “VCC 155”. Suchstelle simply means search office/station.

The third card (below) again confirms the personal information as well as the fact that Werner was imprisoned at Dachau, and the date on which he entered the camp. It also gives further document references, as follows.

Werner Weissenberg, ITS

GCC 3: According to the ITS glossary, older ITS Archives designation for records of Dachau. Note: the Dachau records section contains individual records easily searchable by name. Please see below for the document this eventually produced.

Werner Weissenberg Dachau Haftlinge Number
Werner Weissenberg, ITS record card

The fourth picture (right) depicts the reverse side of a record card. This gives Werner’s häftling number – his prisoner number – along with his release date (entlassungsdatum) from Dachau.

Werner Weissenberg, ITS record card

The fifth record card (left) again shows these key pieces of information to confirm the person, and the source of the information described (‘Original Dachau entry register’). It gives further document file references and confirms his last address in Frankfurt.

The final image is a scan of the original Dachau entry register, referred to above. Werner’s name can be seen towards the bottom left corner – his entry is the fifth from the end; the rest of his details are listed across the page.

Werner Weissenberg, Dachau register of names, ITS
This document, which is a photocopy, has a Reference Code 8054600 
Title: Arrivals book, from 10.07.1937-05.03.1940 
Extent: originally, 847 pages have been taken on inventory 
Number of directly linked documents: 863 
Number of names: 863 
Context: Immediate source of acquisition or transfer 
Original handwritten alph. camp register 
Property of US Army on loan to ITS 
Received on 1956-01-03 
Scope and content: Arrivals book from 10.7.1937-5.3.1940 
12405-37575 Fotokopien