Selma Bloch

Selma Bloch, geboren Brock: 15 September 1875 to 6 January 1925

Selma Brock was born in Willenberg, and at some point before she was married she lived in Solingen, which is part of the Düsseldorf administrative region in Germany.

Frustratingly, there are two towns called Willenberg in Germany, which will cause archival difficulties, no doubt.

Selma Bloch, record card. Mönchengladbach archives, 2017
Selma Bloch, record card. Mönchengladbach archives, 2017

According to this card, Selma married Fedor Bloch on 12 June 1911. They had one daughter, Betti, on 19 March 1912.

The marriage was not to be a long and happy one, sadly, but because of global circumstances rather than private ones. Fedor was conscripted into the German army during the First World War and was taken prisoner by the French. He did not get home again to his wife and daughter until two years after the war had ended. Five years later Selma died, leaving behind her husband and thirteen-year old daughter Betti.

Using Google, I found that the Steinheim Institute online has a picture of Selma’s grave in Mönchengladbach Jewish cemetery. I have been especially glad to have this, because as yet I have not had a reply to my email asking for access to the cemetery itself. I had hoped to visit my great-aunt’s grave while there, but it will have to be on another occasion.

Selma Bloch, headstone
Selma Bloch, headstone; source:

The inscription reads:

Rest in peace
My unforgettable wife
My beloved mother

Selma Bloch

Geboren Brock

born 15 September 1875
died 6 January 1925

We don’t have any family information about Selma in our letters, because she died a number of years before the period of time that our extant letters cover.

I will be carrying out some further archival research on great-uncle Fedor, his wife Selma, and their daughter Betti Bloch, however, and will update these pages as soon as anything further comes to light.