Ruth Bloch – ITS records

To date, I have only managed to locate the record card for Ruth Bloch in the ITS database.

It gives her name, her father’s name, their area of residence, and the fact she was probably deported to Auschwitz in 1940, where she probably died.

Ruth Bloch

Update: 15 March 2015

With the Wiener Library having uploaded a large batch of records in the last couple of weeks, I now have access to all the documents they are going to have on our family members, as I understand it.

The image, below, is the original record card, which shows Ruth’s name, her CNI number (933424), that her father was Kurt (Bloch) and that she was from Myslowitz/Oberschlesien.

Below the red line the text states that in 1940 she was probably deported from Myslowitz to Auschwitz, where she probably died.

Ruth Bloch ITS card

The next two images are the yellow search forms.

Update: 17 March 2015 – as remarked elsewhere, the apparent check marks on the second sheet only show that the Auschwitz records were checked, not that anything was found. The uncertainty in this regard continues.

We may never know what happened to our family’s children, it seems. Apparently, according to the researcher at the Wiener with whom I have been working, children were often not recorded at the camps and ghettos – in this instance at Chrzanów/Krenau – before they were killed.

Ruth Bloch ITS records
Ruth Bloch ITS