Ruth Bloch

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Ruth was born in 1927; thus, she was twelve when war broke out.

As yet, we have been unable to gain any information about Ruth Bloch or her sister Ilse. Apparently there were few records made regarding children, so we may never know more than we do now. However, we are still looking.

Again, we are hoping that when we have had all the letters translated they will shed some further light on this part of the family.

As with her sister Ilse, as far as we had been able to ascertain, Ruth did not survive the holocaust; we believe from letters and accounts that she was almost certainly either worked to death, killed in the many shootings and hangings in the Krenau ghetto, or deported with her parents when all remaining Jews were transported to Auschwitz in February 1943.

Scans of records and documents found during this research have been uploaded here.