Martin Bloch

I am not sure where Martin Bloch fits into our family tree, but found his name in a letter from Else to Werner, written in 1936. She refers to him as uncle Martin and is encouraging Werner to go and see him to say goodbye before he leaves Breslau, when he has finished university.

Until/if I can find a reference to Martin Bloch in family records in Poland, I can’t be sure about the information provided below. But it would seem to put him at the right age for an uncle to Werner, and in the right city. It also puts him in earlier years in Berlin, where I now know we also had some Bloch family members.

Else mentions in her letter that Martin had been very helpful to the family, and that he is very fond of Werner; yet, in later letters there is no mention of him. All in all, the information that we have about Martin fits the Arolsen Archives records that I have found (below), but its guesswork for the time being. Very happy to receive information from anyone who finds more.

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Tost, 30th May 1936

Dear Werner,

Many congratulations from me too. With God’s help you have got through. I hope you will find some employment soon with a good salary. Do you not want to say goodbye to Uncle Martin? He would be very pleased with a visit from you. He will have written to you. Margot is celebrating her 21st birthday with Heinz. Looking forward to seeing you.

Lots of love, Grandma

You will have written, hopefully, to the aunts and Uncle Kurt. You will have to pay a farewell visit by Saturday 6th, won’t you? I tried to recover my strength as a 45-year old, but in vain, unfortunately. Did you like the lady? Grandma would like you to visit Uncle Martin Bloch, on Gartenstrasse, because he is very fond of you and very kind to us.

Greetings, from Mother

November 1938

Martin Bloch was rounded up in Breslau during November 1938, and deported and imprisoned in Buchenwald.

Martin Bloch is registered as having entered the prison on 11 November 1938. He was ‘dismissed’ from the camp on 17 December 1938.

He died almost a year later, on 4 November, 1939.

Haftling 27719, Martin Bloch from Breslau: whether you are our family’s uncle or not, you are remembered here

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Martin Bloch

Martin Bloch, Buchenwald record card © Arolsen Archives

Buchenwald record

Martin Bloch, Buchenwald record card © Arolsen Archives


Martin Bloch, Buchenwald record card © Arolsen Archives