Margot Kornfeld – ITS records

These first 3 images are some of the initial record cards from which I was able to obtain information that led me to the documents pertaining to aunt Margot (see below). They show Margot Kornfeld had been in Theresienstadt (not Auschwitz, as I had been told); her name is listed as a survivor in a book called Sharit Ha-Platah, ‘Holocaust Survivors’ (lit. ‘Counted Remnant’), Volume 3, 1945.

Margot was on transport no. 104, and was inhaftiert/detained in the camp until April/May 1945. On the third card there is a date – 22.11.1943 (presumably the date of the transport), as well as her date of birth. Throughout, there are references to documents, including F 18/3/B, and a couple of OCC 26 files.

Margot Kornfield, ITS records
Margot Kornfeld
Margot Kornfeld, ITS records

The next record card adds Margot’s place of birth – Martinau – her maiden as well as her married name, a confirmation of the date on which she was transported, as well as other information, including the fact that the state police were responsible for the transport. Some further document references are also given here.

Margot Kornfeld, ITS

The next card, below, states that her last address was the DP (Displaced persons) camp in Berlin. I believe it states here that on 23.5.1949 she emigrated to Israel, but in fact she went to the USA, as we will see.

Margot Kornfeld, ITS records

Clearly, something was being processed through the Jewish Agency for Palestine; perhaps she was put off going there by the fighting in 1948/49 during the Milkhemet Ha’atzma’ut (מלחמת העצמאות, “War of Independence”)/al-Nakba (النكبة, “The Catastrophe”) – I have no idea at this stage and may never know – although we might find out something about this in the family letters that will be translated in due course.

The following card refers to another F 18 document; it also refers to the Jewish community, Berlin, as well as giving her address as being on Iranischestrasse/Iranische Straße – the Jewish area in which she lived before the war.

Margot Kornfeld, ITS

The next card was good to see – it gives the name of the ship on which she emigrated to the USA – the General Ballou. It also provides the address to which she was moving in New York, as well as her last location as Bremerhaven.

Margot Kornfeld, ITS records

The final record card refers to ‘returns of Jews living within the British and French sectors of Berlin, valid September 1st, 1945’. As yet, I don’t understand what this refers to: returns to, or from, what? There is another document reference – another F18 number – so that will be something else to try and follow up on in future visits to the Wiener.

Margot Kornfeld

Survivor lists

The next three images are from a survivor’s list. These are presented here in the standard way – that is, the page that covers the family member sought, as well as the covers of the document; generally, whole documents are too long to provide all the pages here.

According to the glossary that accompanies the ITS, “Older ITS Archives designation for records of Theresienstadt (Terezín) (current ITS Archives designation: 1.1.42.x). Note: the Theresienstadt (Terezín) records section contains individual records in a card file easily searchable by name (current ITS Archives designation: However, it should also be noted that although this section is referred to as the Kartei Theresienstadt [= Theresienstadt Card Catalog], in fact not all persons listed in this card file went to Theresienstadt, but may instead have been sent directly to other places of deportation such as Łódż, Minsk, etc. Some cards indicate only that the person was known to have survived the War. Only a close examination of the individual card entries (typically in Czech) will reveal the actual circumstances.”

“Older ITS Archives designation for Liste von überlebenden Personen in Theresienstadt [= List of surviving persons in Theresienstadt]
Note: Although Central Name Index cards refer to this OCC26/9 source as if it were a document collection (e.g. ―OCC 26/9 IV A/2‖), such a collection does not exist in the ITS Archives. Rather, it refers to the published 1945 name register of survivors liberated in Theresienstadt: Terezín Ghetto / [Repatriacní odbor ministerstva ochrany práce a sociální péce Republiky ceskoslovenské v Praze]. ([Prague]: Repatriacní odbor ministerstva ochrany práce a sociální péce Republiky ceskoslovenské v Praze, 1945). Copies of this work are available in both the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center’s Public Service Area and also in the USHMM Library collection (call number: Name Lists D805.5.T54 T4775 1945).”

Margot Kornfeld, Survivor list
Margot Kornfeld, ITS
Margot Kornfeld, ITS records


The following three images are again a set, which includes the page with our family member’s name and the document covers, so that we know what the list came from.

This document provides an alphabetical list of family members (Mitgliederverzeichnis) of the Jewish community of Berlin.

Margot Kornfeld, ITS
Margot Kornfeld
Margot Kornfeld, ITS


The next document was a special find indeed; it provides a photograph of Margot as she was when she was finally leaving Germany for the USA, as can be confirmed from the image following, which is the next page of this ID.

Margot Kornfeld, International Tracing Service database
Margot Kornfeld, ITS

The document below seems to be Margot’s brief account of her places of residence and of the events that affected her before, during and after the war.

Margot Kornfeld, ITS


The documents that follow are interesting in showing an early ITS form, with what must have been the original filing number on the cover page. It gives the basic details for Margot and her surviving daughter, as well as showing the box, bottom left, which is a further document reference – a CM 1: something else to follow up. The form itself is a formal request for assistance, made in December 1947. The second page of the form gives us all kinds of CV-type information: the school Margot attended in Beuthen, her work (housewife/hausfrau), and the dates she was in different places, including in Theresienstadt.

Margot Kornfeld
Margot Kornfeld, ITS
Margot Kornfeld, ITS

Margot Kornfeld: Displaced Persons Record

The last images I will upload for now concerning Margot are the scans of her DP record, below, and of her medical clearance for her departure to the USA, which was apparently rescheduled. Poor Margot didn’t manage to get out of Germany until 1949, although she had been trying, as we know from family letters, to get away to almost anywhere that would take her and her daughter. I will document more about that struggle to leave Germany in due course.

Margot Kornfeld
Margot Kornfeld, ITS