Kurt Bloch – ITS records

The first image, below, is the initial Central Names Index card. It confirms Kurt’s name, place of origin, Dr Mauss’s involvement in the search, and the assumption that Kurt was deported in 1940 from Myslowitz, probably to Auschwitz, u. dort umgekommen, and probably died there. Finally, in the top-right corner, we can see Kurt’s current index number. These cards and their associated documents have only been uploaded onto the ITSD at the Wiener Library in the last couple of weeks.

Kurt Bloch

The second card, below, gives the same information as above.

Kurt Bloch ITS records

The next image is of a letter that includes information about the various family members my father was trying to locate. It lists the details for Fedor, Kurt, Betty, Ruth and Ilse. I have yet to have the text translated.

Kurt Bloch

The final two images are of the now-familiar yellow ITS form: it was scanned into the ITSD on 12 February 2014.

They show that the Auschwitz records were checked, but not that anything was found. The uncertainty in this regard continues, then.

Kurt Bloch International Tracing Service records
Kurt Bloch