Ilse Bloch – ITS records

I have only managed to locate the record card for Ilse Bloch.

It gives her name, her father’s name, their area of residence in Upper Silesia, and the fact that she is presumed to have been deported to Auschwitz in 1940, where she probably died.

Ilse Bloch

Update: 15 March 2015

This week’s visit to the Wiener gave us quite a lot more information, as a large tranche of new records have been uploaded to the ITSD in the last couple of weeks, including all our remaining ITS items.

Thus, we have the following documents for Ilse.

The first is the scan of the original record card, showing the CNI number in the top-right corner. The card confirms Ilse’s name, her father as Kurt (Bloch), their place of origin – Myslowitz, and the presumption that she was deported from Myslowitz in 1940, probably to Auschwitz, where she probably died.

Ilse Bloch

The second image is fairly self-explanatory and exists in a number of our family files; it is included here for the purpose of completeness.

Ilse Bloch

The next image is the collective information from searches sent out from Werner and his solicitor. It confirms the details of the people being sought. I will provide a fuller translation in due course.

Ilse Bloch ITS

The final images are the two pages of the yellow form, which we have seen throughout these searches. It seems unlikely that we will ever know any more about the fate of Kurt’s daughters at this point, except in the general terms of what happened to Jews living in the Krenau ghetto.

Ilse Bloch International Tracing Service records
Ilse Bloch