Heinz Kornfeld – ITS records

The following record cards and documents on Heinz were found in the ITS database; we consulted the version held at the Wiener Library, London

Heinz Kornfeld record card
Heinz Kornfeld ITS

The first card, shown above, is a standard record giving name, date and place of birth and last known address. It gives the date of transport, as well as brief details of Margot and Reha and the family’s post-war Berlin address.

Heinz Kornfeld Transport card
Heinz Kornfeld Transport card – ITS records

The second card, above, is Heinz’s record of transport, and the final card (and its reverse side) enables us to see what he looked like. This ID card also gives Heinz’s address, and his date and place of birth. The reverse tells us that Heinz expected to leave for South America, although no emigration card has yet been found.

Heinz Kornfeld ITS
Heinz Kornfeld ID card, page 2
Heinz Kornfeld ID card, ITS