Betty Bloch – ITS records

15 March 2015

So, the most recent upload of documents at the Wiener Library has now provided all the rest of the records that are going to be locatable via the ITS. We know this because they have now uploaded over a million CNI numbers, and our family records were all covered at the point at which they got to the late nine hundred thousands.

Thus, we finally have some information about Betty, as follows.

The first is a scan of an original record card, confirming Betty’s name and the fact that her father’s name is Fedor (Bloch); her CNI number in the top-right corner. Her date of birth is given as 19.03.1912, which is what I have from my father’s records. Her place of origin is Mönchengladbach, which also correlates with our own documents – thus, we can be sure we have the correct person.

Below the red line the card states that she was last know to be residing in Mönchengladbach on 04.03.1933. Then, I am not sure what ‘L. Nachr’ means, but believe it to be something like ‘last heard from’ in Frankreich/France – in Neuylly [Neuilly?]/Seine in 1937 – but I need to check this.

Betty Bloch ITS record card

The next image is an F.V.M. letter = Französische Verbindungsmission. According to the ITS glossary this is a French Liaison Mission (i.e., it indicates a research request received by the ITS through the French Liaison Mission in Bad Arolsen or Berlin; when encountering such cases a search of the Card File of the French Liaison Office in Berlin, also referred to as the ―Berliner Kartei‖, current ITS designation: [searchable by name], is advised). See also entries for: “AVM”, “Berliner Kartei” and “F.L.O.”

This fits with the family narrative in my father’s documents and letters, which suggested that Fedor and his daughter Betty may have escaped, or tried to escape, to France, possibly to Paris, although the assumption in the end was that they had died, according to formal documents he received from the ITS in the 1960s.

Betty Bloch

The following image seemed potentially interesting – it is a follow up to the FVM, clearly, but gives a small span of CNI references: 933421 – 425. Fedor is 933421; Betty is 933422 – but I did not know to whom the other 3 CNI numbers referred. Having decided to make a priority of following this up, in case it might just lead me to some information about Fedor’s wife – whose name and details I don’t yet know – I then realised that in fact the other CNI numbers belong to Kurt, Ruth and Ilse: another blind alley.

This aside, this document basically states that they have no information about the person being sought.

Betty Bloch International Tracing Service records

The image below is a scan of the general details of the family members being sought. As far as I can translate, the rest of the letter is as follows:

“With reference to the above, we have a small selection of our KZ (concentration camp) documents; all existing disclosures for Fedor Bloch are contained.

For the persons referred to in paragraphs 2 to 5, our documents contain no information.

Also, evidence of death is not available. Therefore, we are not in a position to supply a death certificate.”

What is very interesting is the text in the bottom left-hand corner. It states –

“With reference to the applicant: Fedor Bloch should have emigrated with his daughter Betty Bloch to Paris. Betty is said to have married in Paris. Last message: in 1937.”

If Betty did marry, then we may have a problem finding further information, as we do not know her married name. I believe the supposition comes from the family, however, rather than from the formal ITS search, and we may know more about this once my father’s letters have been translated.

Betty Bloch ITS

I am not sure what the following form denotes, although it does not seem to provide any meaningful information. I will need to follow this up.

Betty Bloch

Finally, we have the two pages of the now-familiar yellow form, which was scanned into the ITSD in February 2014.

Update: 17 March 2015 – I have been told that the check marks on the second page only show that the records were checked, not that anything was found. The uncertainty in this regard continues, and in Betty’s case, the possible French connection was followed up to some extent, but to no avail.

The following extra items were checked:

Gestapo cards for the following areas: Koblenz and Frankfurt am Main, as well as Drancy, and something from the Frankreich office of the B.d.S. = Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD, which was the Commanding Officer of the Security Police and Security Service. Death certificates were also checked.

Betty Bloch ITS records
Betty Bloch ITS records