Adolph Bloch

As yet, I don’t know very much about Adolph, but learnt of his existence recently from a recently found copy of the marriage certificate of Hermine (geb. Kohn) and Joseph Bloch, who were two of my great-grandparents.

When I can return to Poland to carry out some further research, I hope to discover more about Adolph and his wife Rosel.

Schwieben register of marriages, 1882

Cover, Schwieben Register of Marriages, 1882

Marriage certificate

Marriage certificate, Hermine Kohn and Joseph Bloch, Schwieben 1882

Three items of particular interest in the picture above: this certificate provides the name of Joseph’s father; the marginal note gives the date from which Hermine was forced use ‘Sara’ as her middle name in 1938. Finally, it also provides Joseph’s mother’s name – Rosel, geb. Cohn.

When we were working in the Gliwice archive, also busy there was a senior custodian from the Cultural Department, Piotr Hnatyszyn, from Zabrzu museum. He didn’t speak English but could read German, and he very kindly translated the German into Polish for Malgosia, who was then able to tell me in English something about the information contained in the documents. I am very grateful to the many people who gave so generously of their knowledge on this trip – there was an extraordinary generosity of spirit and willingness to lend both time and patient research skills.

Marriage certificate giving the name of Adolph Bloch as Joseph's father
Marriage certificate giving the name of Adolph Bloch as Joseph’s father

In the picture above, you can also see the name Wilhelm Kohn, who signed as a witness to the marriage; Malgosia suspects this may be a brother of Hermine. Again, future searches may tell us more.