New Year, new information!

Well, I’ve had amazing gifts from Poland for both Christmas and New Year.

On Christmas eve, Malgosia sent me a family birth certificate that had been found by a researcher whom we have met on a couple of occasions working in the archives at Gliwice. He sent it to Malgosia and she duly emailed it to me – it’s an extraordinary network that is busy on our behalf! You can see the scan on Margot’s page on the main website.

And then on New Year’s day, I received another email from Malgosia, and another two scans from the same kind researcher. One shows the newspaper announcement of Kurt and Frieda’s engagement to be married; the other is again a clipping from a newspaper, showing an advert for a business run by Bloch and Gruschka in Beuthen (now Bytom) – presumably these are Kurt Bloch and Jakob Gruschka.

Joseph Bloch died in 1914, so this can’t refer to him, as the newspaper is dated 1923. Fedor Bloch doesn’t seem to have lived in Upper Silesia at all, from what we have found out to date, and Kurt would seem to be working in the catering area, given his business connections (with the Hotel Polonia in Mysłowice, for example) and the subject of his long letter in 1936. Jakob married into the Bloch family when he married Kurt’s sister Rosa – so this would all seem to fit what we know so far.

These are the best kind of gifts I could ever hope to receive from my father’s home country.

Thank you to all those involved in getting this new information to us.

And a very happy new year to everyone.