New certificates and a new family tree design

As well as doing my ‘day job’, I have been working on materials for an exhibition on our family story, which will be shown at the Gliwice burial house museum in about 18 months. I have to get this completed as soon as possible – not least because we need to get the information translated into Polish.

However, I have also had a few days of searching some online archives. As I have mentioned elsewhere, new records are being uploaded to online databases all the time, and suddenly, I have been able to access some new family records from the UK.

We are waiting for a new, faster internet connection at the moment – and when that arrives I will be migrating this website to a newer server. The website is quite large, mainly because of the images, and it has outgrown the capacity of the hosting service it is currently sitting on. This makes the pages slow to load, and I apologise for that. Hopefully we will have a solution soon.

When that has been sorted out, I will be uploading our new records onto the site.

In the meantime, I can tell you that I now have the birth certificates for Else Weissenberg, Kurt Bloch, Rosa Bloch, and Rosa’s death certificate. Oddly – and frustratingly – Fedor’s birth certificate doesn’t appear to be with those of his siblings, so I still have no further ‘records of life’ about him, his wife, or his daughter. I have written to an archive in Mönchengladbach, where they lived, so we’ll see if anything turns up.

Below, I have uploaded a screen shot of a new family tree that I have been working on for the exhibition – it might make it easier to see the connections among the people described throughout these pages. Eventually I hope to have an interactive version of this to go on the Family Tree page, but I need someone much better than I am at web design and IT to sort that out.

Please just click on the image to enlarge it.

Werner Weissenberg – Family tree