MS Cordillera

Above, Cordillera HAPAG. Image source: Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The National Archives (UK) have the following information for MS Cordillera.

Dover: MS Cordillera (Hamburg-America Line) travelling from Hamburg to the West Indies.
Embarking at Hamburg and Antwerp.
Official Number: A26163.
List of passengers disembarking at Dover. 

Date: 1939 Aug 2

Unfortunately, almost nothing of the passenger list has survived. However, between the information from Else’s letter from Gleiwitz, dated 27th July 1939, the above record from the National Archives, and a newspaper report of the ship’s safe arrival at Dover (below), it has been possible to find out at least something about the journey taken by the Bujakowsky family from Hamburg to Dover, which Else described.

The Cordillera is reported docking at Dover in the Yorkshire Evening Post, Thursday, 3 August 1939 (British Newspapers Archive online), as follows:

Lloyds Mail and Shipping Lists

The Mails


The Cordillera brought acquaintances of Else and Leopold’s to Britain as refugees in 1939. See Else’s letters about Felix Bujakowski, a former student of the Berlin ORT who ended up in Kitchener refugee camp in Kent, for a few weeks from September 1939. When the new ORT School was ready in Leeds, Felix and other other ORT students left Kitchener for their new lives in the Yorkshire city.

Further information on the Berlin ORT in relation to Kitchener refugee camp can be found on the Kitchener camp website at the following links: