More records still to be released?

A fascinating ‘Long Read’ article in The Guardian today, ‘The Last Nazi Hunters’:

It has been said to me by a number of people over the years that there are ‘more records’ pertaining to the Shoah out there than we have had access to, to date, and this article would seem to verify that supposition.

Linda Kinstler’s piece raises a number of interesting questions for those who lost family in the Shoah: about the painstaking nature of the investigation of historical crime; about the motivations involved (in the present more than in the past, perhaps); and about issues of ‘costs’ of various kinds.

Those of the second generation, in common with many survivors themselves, may exhibit a driving need to know ‘what happened’ to their missing family members. Traditionally, after all, people have a grave or other memorial to visit, but in our cases, there is most often nothing – not even the certainty of a date, or a death certificate.

The suggestion here, that there may be much more information still to be released, may be helpful to those of us who continue to look back both ‘in need’ and in commemoration.