Marie Kohn, geb. Loewy

Marie Loewy married Julius Kohn, a kaufmann (businessman)

She lived in Schwieben in Kreis (district) Gleiwitz.

Marie and Julius had a daughter, Hermine Kohn, who was later to marry Joseph Bloch. Hermine was my great grandmother – and so Julius was my great-great grandfather. He was thus Werner’s great grandfather – I wonder if he knew him.

We found this information on the marriage certificate for Joseph and Hermine – which also suggests that Marie and Julius may have had a son, Wilhelm Kohn – a witness at the wedding. The certificate states that he was 28 years old at the time of signing – so he must have been born in around 1854. This might have meant that he and Hermine were twins (there is some question about the birth date for Hermine outstanding in our research at the moment).

Schwieben register of marriages, 1882
Marriage certificate


Marriage certificate for Marie’s daughter, Hermine, showing Marie’s married and maiden names. There is an English translation of the certificate on Hermine and Joseph’s pages.