Małgosia Płoszaj – Rybnik voting!

Apologies for being away for a while – the Kitchener camp project has been taking up all my time. It is finite, however, so at some point I will be back at work here. And I need to steel myself at some point to finish writing up what I found out about the family in Germany …

The Kitchener project began because I had reached the pages here on my dad’s time in Kitchener camp, and I started to look into it (as I do) and got somewhat side-tracked!

Anyway, I recently did some promotional work for the Kitchener project on Facebook (which I don’t generally use, because it takes up so much time), but it did enable me to connect there with Malgosia, who I see has been placed in a competition for ‘Rybnik Person of the Year’ award.

At the moment she is second, just behind a speedway racer …

Now, anyone reading this will hopefully appreciate that sports people tend not to be short of ‘recognition’ of one kind of another, but someone who has spent over a decade helping descendants of her home town of Rybnik find their Jewish roots? How often does that kind of dedication get the recognition it deserves? (For more on some of the work Małgosia has carried out for both this family and for Jewish families across Poland, please see here: Małgosia Płoszaj)

Małgosia is just thrilled to be even in this competition, but wouldn’t it be lovely if she could win … :-)

This website project would be a shadow of its current self without Małgosia – because I’d have had very little to write about! So, please, let’s support her extraordinary, modest hard work for the one-time Jews of Poland and their families around the world today.

Please click a button and vote for her – it only takes a minute once you’re logged into Facebook.

I’ll talk you through how to do it:

You’ll see this page …

Małgosia Płoszaj
Małgosia Płoszaj, Rybnik, Person of the Year

Click on the icon shown above – with the yellow arrow – and your vote will be counted.

Slightly unnervingly, it doesn’t give a pop-up to state that you have voted, but if you watch the number under Małgosia’s name, you should see it click up by one vote when you click.

Thank you!

And good luck, Małgosia!