Like wisps of fog

On our recent visit to Poland, in June 2015, I found that we had more family than we had known about. And as more letters are gradually translated, I find that there is more still to learn.

It can be a sad task some days. Sometimes the thrill of discovery is exciting, and sometimes the realisation hits again that every new name follows the same track.

It is a story we have always known the ending to, yet still it takes one by surprise, with sadness. That however many people we find, the destination was the same.

Still, we seek – and we find there was a life ‘before’, and these connections are important – so I continue.

In the pages that follow I have recorded what I have found out so far about our ‘new’ family members.

And despite what I have written above, it would seem that there were some other survivors – those who ‘got out’ before the worst began. I wonder who their descendants are, and where they live. I wonder what are they doing today, as I begin to write about their families’ pasts and their links to our own.

In due course I hope to expand our family tree page to include everyone, but for now, please follow the links below, or from the main menu, to see the family members whom I never knew we had.

Adolph Bloch

Rosel Bloch, geb. Cohn

Albert Weissenberg

Bettina Weissenberg, geb. Pinoff

Hedwig Weissenberg

Clara Weissenberg

Edgar Weissenberg