Like wisps of fog

On a visit to Poland in June 2015 I discovered information on family members about whom I had previously known nothing.

And as my father’s letter collection was gradually translated, I found there was yet more to learn.

It can be a debilitating task some days.

Sometimes the intrigue of discovery is energising. And then the realisation hits again that each new name follows the same path.

It is a story to which I have always known the ending. Yet still it takes me by surprise, with sadness.

That however many people we find, the destination was the same.

A travel comb, Werner Weissenberg, pers. archive

And still, I seek. And I find that there was a life ‘before’ and, for whatever reasons, these connections are important.

In the pages that follow I have recorded what I have found out so far about our ‘new’ family members.

Despite what I have written above, there were some other survivors – although they were not ‘close’ family. They managed to emigrate before the worst began. I wonder who their descendants are, and where they live. I wonder what are they doing today, as I write about their family and their links to our own.

I am gradually expanding the family tree page to include these new discoveries – these ‘wisps of fog’ about whom I still know almost nothing.