Jewish refugees in the 1930s

Looking for family records in the UK? World Jewish Relief would like to help

I have been doing some more work towards my Kitchener Camp pages today, and in one of those strange coincidences, I also received an email today from World Jewish Relief.

WJR helped me access my dad’s registration information from when he arrived in the UK, and they are wanting to get the word out that they have reunited several hundred people with their family history thanks to documents held in their archives.

“But there are still several thousand records and case files for people who arrived in the UK as refugees in the 1930s and 40s. We want to make sure that survivors and their family members know they can have access to this information and for free!”

The relevant page of their website is here: 

If you are looking for information about family members who arrived as refugees in the UK around this time, do get in touch with them. They’d love to hear from you, and they’re lovely people to work with.

Kitchener Camp 1939