Above, Królowej Bony, Gliwice. June 2015. Image C. Weissenberg

On the transport lists on which Hermine and Else appear, their address is listed as Niederwallstraße 17, Gleiwitz. However, their last known address in family documents is Wernickestrasse 10 (now Królowej Bony, Gliwice).

I know from documents I have located that these transport lists reference my family members, because dates and places of birth are on the lists, as well as names.

So a bit more research seemed in order on this matter (see below).

Having carried out some further research on Niederwallstraße 17, I have found that it is described as a ‘Jews House’ and that Else and Hermine were moved here on 1 December 1941.

The link to Hermine’s Gleiwitz residence card that contains the dates and this information is below, and an image containing the information follows the link.


Hermine Bloch, Gleiwitz residence card, Extracted information