Holocaust research

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Although this holocaust research project began with a focus on finding out about our family, as I started to go through my father’s documents and letters in detail, I began to realise how much I was having to look up. I thought I knew a fair amount about this era: it turns out – as is so often the research experience – that I didn’t.

It gradually occurred to me that if I was having to look something up, then a passing reader might also need some extra information. Even if a given reader knew a lot about what was being found here, for most, there will be something that is unfamiliar.

And as I began to add pages to elucidate certain points arising, or to give some more information about a particular person – perhaps the signatory to a letter, or someone mentioned in a document – I also began to realise just how considerable the potential scope of this project actually is.

My aim now is to continue to uncover our family information through our documents and letters, and through the use of the many archives and databases we are slowly uncovering – sometimes with the help of extraordinarily compassionate and helpful people. But alongside this, I will also be building a collection here that is unique. For every name I have to look up, there will be something written here about that person, if information can be found: and for every place, for every society, and for every reference.

Although the materials must have been covered somewhere, at some time, in order for me to be able to access data about them, it will be uniquely collected here as it relates to the papers of one man – Werner Weissenberg – and his family.