Guido Hoheisel

14th July 1894 to 11th October 1968

Guido Hoheisel, signature, 1930, University of Breslau

Mathematician Guido Hoheisel studied at Breslau from 1914, and from 1920 he worked at the University of Berlin, where he obtained his PhD. He then qualified as a lecturer at Breslau, gaining a post there in 1922: in 1928 he became an associate professor.

According to the 1930-1931 handbook of the University Breslau, Hoheisel lived at Weinstraße 26 I, Breslau. He taught integral calculus and potential theory, and offered assistance with mathematical exercises.

Wein Straße, Breslau, 1930s. Source:

In 1933, as a member of the Civil Service, Hoheisel would have taken the Oath of Loyalty to the National Socialist government and its chancellor. In 1935 he moved to the University of Greifswald, and then to Cologne, from where he retired in 1962.

Hoheisel’s main work was on prime number gaps.

Hoheisel contributed to the journal Deutsche Mathematik, one of the aims of which was to promote ‘German mathematics’ – that is, by ‘eliminating the Jewish influence’. In this it was similar to the Deutsche Physik (German physics) movement of the time, which was opposed to ‘Jewish physics’, including the work of Einstein and his colleagues.

All black and white extracts on this page are from the 'Vorlesungs und Personal Verzeichnis der Schlesischen Friedrich Wilhelms Universität zu Breslau Winter Semester 1930/1931', and the equivalent handbook for 1935-1936, available online at the University of Wrocław.

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