Gleiwitz / Gliwice


There are a number of sources of material on Gleiwitz during this period of its history.

I will be adding significantly to this page over the coming months, including, I hope, some photographs taken when we travel there later this year.

In the meantime, some sources are relatively easy to access online, as shown here.

The Jewish Virtual Library has a short history, extracted as a PDF here:


The Leo Baeck Institute, New York, has holdings that can be viewed here:

Interestingly in our family context, Erich Schlesinger’s manuscript (held at the LB Institute), Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinde Gleiwitz vom 31.1.1933-21.1.1945, mentions the family Weissenberg a couple of times, although whether it is our family he is referring to I have no way of ascertaining, for the time being at least.