Family locations map

Pless /Pszczyna, Breslau /Wrocław, Tost /Tószeg, Myslowitz /Mysłowice, Dachau, Gleiwitz /Gliwice, Auschwitz, Kitchener Camp, Krenau, Theresienstadt /Terezin, Zurich …

This map is a work in progress, but if you click on the + / plus sign, then home in on a red flag, and finally, drag the little yellow character onto the street map, you should in most cases get a street view of the places mentioned throughout this website. Sometimes, this is even to the extent of being able to see the building a family member lived or worked in.

There is a list of the markers and their locations below the map.

Altenau, OberharzAuschwitz-Birkenau
Bergstrasse, Altenau, Oberharz. See 'Postwar correspondence'Now the memorial and museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Jacob Gruschka was born on 6 August 1888 in Beuthen, Upper Silesia. 'The aunts' Clara and Hedel also lived in Beuthen for some years before their deportationWerner lived in Breslau while at university in the 1930s. See 'Family Tree': 'Werner Weissenberg'
Dachau KZElland Grammar School
Dachau concentration camp, where Werner was imprisoned from November 1938 until February 1939Elland Grammar School (until the name was changed to Brooksbank). Sybil and Werner met while teaching here in the late 1950s
Farmsenerweg, Wellingsbüttel, HamburgFrankfurt am Main
See 'Postwar correspondence'Philanthropin school, Hebel Strasse, where Werner taught after leaving the University of Breslau
Gleiwitz/GliwiceHameln, Germany
The last known address for Else and Hermine - Wernickestrasse 10, Gleiwitz, Germany; now Krolowej Bony 10, Gliwice, Poland. No. 10 has been demolished and there is a car park on the site, although there are other period houses and apartments still standing. See 'Poland: a visit'Fraulein Hoffmeister lived at Bäckerstraße 34, 31785 Hameln, Germany. She was a friend of Else's and kept in contact with her, and later with Werner, by letter
Hardraw Church, HawesHuddersfield
During the war Werner was taken under the wing of the vicar and his family at Hardraw church, Hawes, in North Yorkshire. 'Uncle John', as we knew him, was the very best of friends to my father in his time of great needSybil and Werner established their family home here for around 15 years; this is where they brought up their children
Iranische Straße, BerlinIsrael
One of the Iranische Straße addresses for Margot, Heinz and Reha Kornfeld: Iranische Straße 3, Berlin. The Jewish Hospital is just across the roadWe believe that Margot's daughter, Reha, went to live in Israel, where she had three children
Kitchener Camp, RichboroughKrenau ghetto
This is the area (Ramsgate Road, Sandwich, Kent CT13 9NJ) where Kitchener Camp once stood, in which Werner was interned when he first sought refuge in Britain from Nazi GermanyUncle Kurt and his family were forced to move here; they subsequently either died or were deported, probably to Auschwitz - there are no records for any of them once their letters stop after November 1942. The last deportations left in February 1943, after which the town was declared 'Judenrein' /Jew free
Mönchengladbach, GermanyMoor House, Sunderland
Fedor's last known address was Hindenburgstraße 360, Mönchengladbach, GermanyThis is the location of the family home of Frances and Joseph Barnes and their three children - Russell, Sybil and Jean Barnes. The house has since been pulled down and is now a scout camp
Myslowitz, now Mysłowice, Poland. This was where Ilse and Ruth Bloch lived with their parentsElse worked as a secretary here, before she was married. See also 'Letters from Else'
Peiskretscham, Krs Gleiwitz/PyskowicePlesse
Leopold died of a heart attack in Peiskretscham (now Pyskowice, Poland), following a 'police action'. It was also the town in which he was bornWerner's place of birth and the location of one of the family's shops. See 'Poland: a visit'
Else Weissenberg, geb. Bloch was born in Raschau, Upper Silesia (now Raszowa, Poland) on 8 December 1882Rosa, Margot's mother, died in Ratibor, Upper Silesia, in 1933
Riga ghettoSchwieben/Świbie
The memorial to the Riga ghetto, to which uncle Fedor was sent in December 1941Hermine was born in Schwieben on 2 August 1854. It was then part of Germany, in the Tost-Gleiwitz district; it is now part of Poland
Suffolk, MassachusettsTheresienstadt KZ/Terezin
Abraham Myerson formally offered financial support - as well as friendship - to Werner, in order to try to get him into the USA. I believe this was when Werner had to leave Kitchener Camp, but we hope to update this when we know moreTheresienstadt, now Terezin - the concentration camp to which Margot and her family were sent in November 1943
Tost/ToszekUniversity of Breslau
Joseph died in 1916 in Tost, Ober-Schlesien (Upper Silesia); now Toszek in Poland. Else and Leopold lived here for a time after they had to sell their home and business in Pless in the early 1930s; they had a shop on the main square. See 'Poland: a visit'The University of Breslau - where Werner read for his degree; now Plac Uniwersytecki 1, 50-137 Wrocław, Poland
Zurich, Switzerland
Leopold somehow moved to and from Zurich on business after the family were forced to sell their business following the enactment of the Nuremberg Laws; he stayed with the family Ettlinger at Pestalozzistrasse 35, Zurich, Switzerland