Edgar Weissenberg

Edgar Weissenberg: 9 November 1875 to 25 January 1879

Edgar Weissenberg was born in Peiskretscham / Pyskowice in Upper Silesia; sadly, he died at just over three years old.

He would probably have been buried in the Jewish cemetery at Pyskowice, but we did not have time to visit in June 2015 – we hope to do so on a future trip.

We had been puzzled that there did not seem to be many children in the family. At this time on my mother’s side, my great grandmother had 11 boys (a football team, it was always wryly noted, of the then-owners of Byker Park) and two girls. We did not know at first that Clara and Hedel were Leopold’s sisters, much less that there had also been this little brother.

Alav ha-shalom, Edgar.