Family trees

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Please be patient with us and bookmark the site; we hope to have this feature up and running as soon as possible.

We are writing a section that explains some of the ways you can find out more information about your family in this context.

When we create these memorials to family and friends lost, it serves several purposes:

– it re-humanises those who were dehumanised; it gives our families names and faces, and as much information as we can now return to them;
– it demonstrates that even in the midst of darkness, the light of survival continues; our grandparents may not be here, but that their grandchildren are is a great symbol worth acknowledging;
– it provides a means by which people can make connections – if I enter my father’s uncle’s details and upload his photograph, or a letter, perhaps someone somewhere else is also searching for information about him. A distant cousin may never have seen that photograph – may never have known that someone survived. It’s now late in the day, but the second and third generation need to make these connections too.