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First, apologies to anyone trying to use the website recently. I have been doing some work on it, and I’ve no idea to what extent this slows the site down at the front end. As it is now busy most days, however, there isn’t really a good time to do this. As I say, anyway, my apologies for this.

I am generally going through our letters and documents in a systematic way at the moment, because very sadly my translator, Helga, is losing her sight, so time is becoming of the essence. Especially for our personal letters, I would like to be able to complete this task with her. Helga’s association with my father through their mutual attendance of Philanthropin in Frankfurt has meant a lot to me throughout these last months of work on the project, so this is my priority at the moment.

Having finished a filing session at the end of this morning, this afternoon I turned to my page on the University of Breslau, and there is now more material on there for anyone interested in this city during our period of history.


We visited Breslau (now Wrocław) on our last visit to Poland, in 2016, and liked the feel of the city very much. I look forward to getting back to it at some point, because we didn’t have very much time there, and I’d like to see more of it.

Breslau / Wrocław

Yesterday, I uploaded a few other new bits and pieces. I know the one that meant most to me was the realisation, having gone through some of Helga’s recent translations, that I have a piece of little Ilse’s handwriting, which is now up on her page.

A wonderful – and poignant – moment of realisation …