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So, anyone following this blog will know that I have recently been working on my father’s years at the University of Breslau in the 1930s.

University of Breslau colours, 1930s

I had been working my way through his documents, and then started on the names and signatures that I had found on them – which will eventually include around twenty-four members of staff.

Ferencz Jüttner, signature, 1930, University of Breslau

As I mention on the main website, I decided some time ago to write something about anyone whose name appeared in my father’s documents. And I have been doing this as faithfully as possible, although there is still much work to be done on many of these pages; on some others, I have already found out quite a lot.

Hans Helfritz, University of Breslau, 1936
Extract from the website:

"Exploring the paperwork for Breslau was different, however – and strange – for this was the first time I was encountering people who were not only not Jewish, but who in some cases, and to varying degrees, would have been part of the National Socialist machinery of state. Academics were members of the Civil Service, and from 1933 all Civil Service personnel had to swear an oath of allegiance to the state and its leader.

My father’s university page on this website is written chronologically, and the further down the page I went, into the later 1930s, the more the nature of the people and their work changed. By the time I was researching the staff of 1935-1936 – the last year in which Werner was allowed to attend Breslau – all Jewish faculty had been dismissed, and those academics who were left would have taken the Civil Service Oath of Loyalty, as a minimum.

I wondered whether I should delete these pages; it felt wrong to have them here".

I have outlined on the main website what my conclusions have been and how I have resolved this issue, but it was such a difficult issue with which to grapple, I felt it was worth mentioning here.

If you look at the images below and above, you may understand something of the challenge I found myself facing in our present context.

University of Breslau stamp with swastika, 1936

Villa Kuschnitzki, Gliwice – a call for help!

I have had another family researcher get in touch to ask whether anyone has any information at all about the Villa Kuschnitzki, or about the Kuschnitzki family more generally. The house and family were in Gliwice at one time.

If you have any information we’d be very pleased to hear from you.