Betty Bloch

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Betty Bloch was born on 19 March, 1912 in Mönchengladbach.

She had recently been living at 149, Zeppelinstrass, Mönchengladbach, from around 4th July 1933.

We are still searching for further information about Betty/Betti; her name has not yet appeared in the ITS database searches.

We are gradually finding out pieces of information about Betty from the translations we are having carried out of the family correspondence. The information found to date is outlined below.

Letter: 20th July 1939 from Else Weissenberg to Werner Weissenberg

A short time ago Betty passed her public health exam. I don’t know whether it will qualify her for teaching P. E.

Letter: 2nd August 1939 from Else Weissenberg to Werner Weissenberg

Betty is in Le Touquet with her 2 children and her mother on the coast in a 1st class hotel for 2 months, if nothing untoward happens. She was welcomed by their Father as well as Baur. He will contact Baur or write to him and report what has been happening. The application for a passport was made today.

Note: this was the first we knew about Betty being married and having children; it won’t make finding records of her any simpler, as we do not know her married name. Another trip to Poland is definitely required, and probably to Germany as well, given that Fedor lived in Mönchengladbach. She is our best hope of someone else in the family having survived, as we have (to date) no record of any other outcome.

Letter: 13th March 1940 from Else Weissenberg to Werner Weissenberg

Uncle Fedor often asks after you, he does not hear from Betty.

Letter: 22nd August 1940 from Else Weissenberg to Werner Weissenberg

Uncle Fedor has no news of Betti. Thus we are both fellow sufferers my dear boy and God only knows when we will see each other again.

Letter: 10th February 1941 from Else Weissenberg to Werner Weissenberg

I send you greetings from everyone and also my dears from Uncle Fedor who had news from Betti for the first time. She is well. I wrote to Lisbon on the 29th January.

Note: Else had a habit of running news items together, so we can’t be sure whether the reference to Lisbon concerns Betti (in which case there would have been a good chance she might have survived with her children) or not.