Bettina Weissenberg, geb. Pinoff

Bettina Weissenberg, geb. Pinoff: 24th April 1849 to 5th February 1921

I never expected to find any information about our family going this far back, and had never heard of Bettina prior to uncovering the records below.

I assume this is the grandmother for whom Fedor’s daughter Betty was named, and for whom Ilse was also named by Kurt. She is the mother of my grandfather, Leopold Weissenberg.

We first saw Bettina’s name on Leopold’s birth certificate, shown below. Her maiden name, Pinoff, is also given here, which gives me something else to look for when we return to the Polish record offices.

Leopold Weissenberg birth certificate, 1881

When we went to Poland in December 2016 we found Bettina’s grave in Bytom Jewish cemetery. She is buried with her husband Albert, who was my great grandfather.

The gravestone of Bettina Weissenberg, Bytom Jewish cemetery

According to their gravestone, Bettina’s Hebrew name was Bilhah. She died exactly a year after her husband Albert.

The small circular marks down each side of the tombstone, I am told, probably held some kind of metal adornment that would have been removed for its scrap value either during or after the war. A Star of David is also visible at the top in the centre – it looks as though this was probably also in metal originally.

Bettina Weissenberg’s gravestone, Bytom Jewish cemetery, December 2016
Bytom / Beuthen cemetery, Upper Silesia, Poland
Bytom Jewish cemetery gates, December 2016