A warm welcome from Gliwice

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I will write a proper blog post about last night when I get back home to my desk in England, but I want to write a sincere thank you to all the good people who gave us such a warm welcome last night in Gliwice at the Jewish memorial hall.

I don’t know what I expected – a half dozen of Malgosia’s friends, I suppose, and a quiet but interesting evening among them.

Instead, we were met by a hall full of people whose warm welcome embraced us as soon as we walked in.

You came out on a cold December evening just before Christmas, when you might reasonably be expected to be tucked up in warm homes with your families. You came out to listen to Malgosia talk about our family, and to listen quietly, and with compassion. You asked intelligent questions that I was possibly too overwhelmed to answer intelligently, but that I did try to address to some extent. I am not used to being a public face, and hope to do better another time!

It was very strange indeed, to take a topic that has been so secret for so long, then placed on my anonymous website that I thought no one would really find or read, and then suddenly to have to put my face in front of it all.

I have never felt that this was my story to be told, but my father’s, and yet somehow, we seem to have found a means by which to tell his story, and that of our other family members. And I seem to have been blessed enough to find a means to tell it that is reaching many other people, and touching their hearts too.

Thank you to all you good people who made us feel so welcome. We are touched and very moved by your response to our family history.

And most of all: thank you Gliwice, for listening to the words of one who was your daughter, for a time – my grandmother, Else Weissenberg.

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