The need to tell our story

From Numbers to Names began with a wish to discover something about the absent members of my father’s family.

Many hundreds of documents and photographs have been uncovered during months of still-ongoing research, which have helped me to outline on these pages my father’s family life in pre-war Germany and in wartime Europe more generally.

The core of this research evolved from the wish to recreate our family tree: it grows from our father’s grandparents and other family members who died or suffered in the holocaust, and offers out its branches towards his grandchildren, who are living today.

For even after all these decades following the liberation of the death camps, the need to know our story remains in the hearts of second and third generation survivor families.

By the end of this journey, I hope to have created an appropriate act of remembrance for those who died, and a place of togetherness for those who survived.

From our grief for loss in the past may we find new togetherness in the present.

* The title to this page is taken from Primo Levi’s Preface to If this is a man, 1958