From Numbers to Names

Above, Else and Leopold Weissenberg, circa 1910. Source: Werner Weissenberg, pers. archive, copyright retained

Werner Weissenberg

From decades in darkness, hundreds of documents, letters, and photographs have been brought into the light.

These long-hidden materials reveal the history of the Weissenberg family in pre-war Germany and wartime Europe.

Left, Werner Weissenberg, Postwar. Source: Werner Weissenberg, pers. archive, copyright retained

An act of remembrance

The research in these pages began with a wish to create a family tree.

This tree grew to encompass the history of Werner Weissenberg’s family in Germany and Poland in the 1930s and 1940s, and now branches out towards to the present day.

For even after many decades following the liberation of the death camps, the need to tell our story* remains compelling among descendants of survivors.

* “The need to tell our story”, Primo Levi, If This is a Man (Orion Press translation, 1960)

From grief for loss in the past, may we find togetherness and peace in the present …

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